The Difference Between Would And Could

Reflecting back on this semesters project, I am absolutely thankful for this experience. I always knew I could write a blog if I really wanted to and applied myself, although I must admit I greatly underestimated how much effort it would take from me to do so.

At times I found myself struggling to come up with the next sentence, hit with writers block and thinking that my work wasn’t good enough to be published. I would compare my writing to that of the sites and articles I used to gather my information from, only to become more discouraged.

Then I remembered that this is still just my first time blogging and that because this was something new to me, and that me feeling this way was something I’d have to overcome. I’d have to change how it affected me, rather than becoming discouraged I would use it as encouragement to further develop my writing.

Now, I’m still no professional but I’m absolutely confident in saying that my writing has developed and that I feel comfortable publishing my work for others to see.

What I found worked best for me was setting a schedule for my posts. By this I mean during the week coming up to the date my post was scheduled to be published I would separate my tasks into 3 days.

Day 1, Research and Development: I would use to search for articles relevant to the topic of my post weaving the many possibilities, bookmarking and writing notes on what I though was important and relevant.

Day 2, Brainstorming and Drafting: Once I had all the relevant information prepared I would create a mind map to visualize and structure  what I was going to write and then create my rough draft

Day 3, Revising, Finalizing and Posting: I would revise what I wrote on the previous day, add on anything I though would increase the value of content I posted and would post the final draft.

I found that this three day process was the most effective for me as it allowed me to take breaks between grouped tasks and really develop my thoughts. Versus those posts that I would rush last minute on the day of where I didn’t give myself the proper time to write and publish a post I though was worthy.

Creating time was one of my biggest challenges when it came to writing my posts, It felt like as soon as I had finished writing one post then next one was due right around the corner. I had to increase the amount of time and effort I would have to put in in order to publish content I was happy with.

Going forward, to improve my content I have to work on creating time, putting in more effort and further develop the type of content I include by adding components like videos, gifs and infographics. As for my employer, although I still have plenty to work on, I would definitely be interested in creating and maintaining a blog for Bittersweet.


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