Plan For Sweet, Sweet, Success

Up until now it’s been all talk, but now it’s time to implement a plan and see what’s really possible, it’s time for a strategic marketing plan. Now unlike the previous posts that have focused on making an impact with the Hispanic demographic this one will be geared for the objective of building brand awareness and enhancing customer relationships for one of Arcatas new and growing businesses and for a good reason. For the sake of turning this plan into a reality, I will be utilizing my current workplace and local pie restaurant and cider bar Bittersweet but more specifically Slice Of Humboldt Pie .

If you don’t already know of Bittersweet lemme fill you in on what I believe is one of the top businesses and places to enjoy great food and drinks in little ole Arcata. We sit on the corner of I and 8th street right across from the North Coast Co-Op. It’s a modern cozy establishment with amazing pie, cider and even better company. You can find anything for your savory tooth like our Chicken Pesto or Pulled Pork and Green Chile Empanadas to our Veggie, Chicken and Alfredo Pot Pies. After that you can follow up and treat your sweet tooth to some of our amazing pies like Pumpkin Walnut Streusel, Chocolate silk and Salted Caramel Apple, but DON’T forget to get it A La Mode! All accompanied by a glass of some of our amazing cider produced and sold by locally from the Humboldt Cider Company and The Local.

If you’re at all like me your mouth is already salivating and all you want to do is drive right on over and have some for yourself. Well I beat you to the punch, or should I say pie because as I’m typing this I’m also enjoying my own slice of Pumpkin Walnut Streusel pie Al La Mode along with some 2 Towns Bad Apple cider!

But enough of this, lets get back to what we’re really here for, the plan, to accomplish our objective of improving Slice Of Humboldt Pies overall brand awareness and enhancing our customer relationships.

The key to accomplishing these two objectives simultaneously lies in our strategy. You see we at Slice Of Humboldt Pie love to change up our menu on a semi-weekly and monthly basis in order to keep our menu fresh and change things up according to what’s in season at the time. I plan to capitalize on this component as an opportunity to get new and potential customers involved and empowering our current brand loyalists by incentivizing them to give their input on the recipes we should use for the following week/months menu and then rewarding the winning recipes through acknowledging the winners.

How will this happen?

By developing an online and in-store drop box for people to turn in there recipe ideas for pies and empanadas for the following cycle, then posting the most popular according to what ingredients are available and realistic for us to make. Then posting up a survey for employees and more importantly customers to vote on what they believe are the best ideas. Once voting has closed and the votes have been counted 3 winning recipes pie and 3 for empanadas will be announced along with the individual who came up with the idea and a name for the recipe will be chosen. Lastly, the individuals will be acknowledged on our website and our menu while the item is still featured, and at the end of that cycle the campaign will restart.

The Outcome?

Customers that are more engaged with the Slice Of Humboldt Pie brand, not only do they feel empowered because they were acknowledge and given the ability to chose what was on the menu. They will now share this experience with their family and peer groups by sharing that acknowledgment online but they can invite their friends and family to come in and try that recipe with them in and create an amazing experience. An experience that will organically produce happy customers that are loyal to Bittersweet and Slice Of Humboldt Pie because they know that we as a restaurant recognize and value their business and ideas.




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