Post #6:Back To The Drawing Board

Are you looking to expand your businesses market share and compete with the big leagues but feel like the the market has been saturated?!

Do you want an opportunity at tapping into what’s expected to be one of the largest growing market segments in the years to come?!

Well boy do I have news for you, because the Hispanic millennial market has been vastly underserved for years and we are just waiting for brands to target us so we can create honest, long lasting relationships that serve both of our needs. Though this isn’t something that comes easy, its going to take the right amount of knowledge and execution. It’s going to take strategy, but before we get ahead of ourselves lets back track a bit and start with the basics.


By now through previous posts we’ve built up a good understanding of who we, the Hispanic millennial market, are and what we stand for.

Unlike our immigrant parents who prefer to be less visible, we are a generation that strives to be heard and noticed. We love and embrace our culture fully which primarily revolves around our families, music and food. We are open minded in the sense that we simultaneously embrace our western values and culture. Most importantly we are a generation and market that wants to do good for ourselves, our families and the world, whether it be through becoming heroes, public figures or business owners.

However knowing is just half the battle, because as we’ve seen in the past with those brands that failed to make any type of impact in this market proper execution is what makes or breaks a campaign.


If you really want to create brand loyal customers out of this segment, when it comes to creating the proper marketing campaign it’s all about execution.

Want to see a brand that did everything right? Just look at how AT&T beautifully executed their #BetweenTwoWorlds that landed them on the Business 2 Community site as one of the Top 6 Brands That Succeeded At Understanding Hispanic Marketing. They executed every element of their campaign just right.

They released their campaign on the platform that this market utilizes the most, mobile phones. Rather than focus on pushing product and services, AT&T empowered Hispanic millennials by noticing them and allowing their voices to be heard in a real documentary type commercial. Rather than lump all Hispanics together like most brands do, they created content that addressed and embraced various Hispanic ethnicities and regions. They shed light on how it is for a current day Hispanic millennial to live between two worlds with different languages, cultures and values. Most importantly they were able to do so while still effectively marketing their brand, which goes to show that prioritizing customers over your product doesn’t weaken you campaign in fact it does quite the opposite.

At the end of the day AT&T did what most companies are afraid to do, go ALL IN.


This isn’t something you could take lightly, and if you’re not willing to go all in you’re better off just staying home.

Now what exactly does that mean?

It means stop ignoring and underplaying the importance of this market, it’s not a fad that’s going to be here one day and leave the next. My parents and family didn’t immigrate here just to see the sights and relax, they came with a purpose and so did every other Hispanic that immigrated.

If your purpose is to increase your market share by creating brand loyalists out of us then invest. Invest in partnering with multicultural firm that understand this market from the ground up. Be sure your utilizing the most effective platforms to reach us on what we use most. Lastly allocate your own resources to correctly record and interpret how this market functions through primary and secondary research. Stop looking at this market as a short term expense and instead look at it as a long term investment, and I promise if you do everything right that your investment will pay off.








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