Post #4: We Want To Speak And Have Our Voices Be Heard

Now that we’ve gone over all of the facts and figures that make up the Hispanic market its time to focus on what’s important, strategy. what are the key decisions that must be made in order for companies to really make a connection with this market. How does one learn to become effective in creating a relationship between their brand and this specific consumer group?

Well in my experience the best way to be great in anything is look at what The Greats are doing. In my search for those companies who were able to create their own success with this market I found this article published in 2014 on the Business 2 Community  titled 6 Brands That Succeeded At Understanding The Hispanic Market  among those 6 successful brands were McDonalds, CNET, AT&T, Toyota, Dish and Wal-Mart. Of course these aren’t the only companies who have succeeded in understanding this deeply complex market, but they are among the very few who have.

Unlike those who’ve neglected to do extensive research and believe they can achieve market penetration by simply translating ads in Spanish like the California Milk Processors Board who later realized their “Got Milk” slogan translated to “Are You Lactating”.

What really set them apart from their competition was their ability to realize the power of cultural relevancy with this market. These companies were able to create stronger connections with Latinos because their primary focus was the integration of culturally relevant insights, only after that did they follow with translating their ads into Spanish or Spanglish if necessary.


Print ad from California Milk Processors Board

To really identify how powerful this strategy is it’s necessary to focus on one particular company and dissect the campaign that made them successful. Although these top 6 are all great choices the one company I believe changed the game and made the most impact, with myself at least, was AT&T with their 2014 Mobile Movement Campaign.


AT&T ad for The Mobile Movement Campaign

AT&T in collaborated with Virtue an in house creative agency for Vice worked together in an effort to launch their campaign titled  #BetweenTwoWorlds. Their campaign features a four minute documentary that targets multicultural, bicultural and acculturated Hispanic millennials in an effort to showcase the effect of this technology in our lives along with how we this wireless provider to stay connected between two cultures and languages.

Why was this four minute video so effective? I can go on for pages on why I believe so, though for the sake of those reading I will try and keep it to 4 concise points.

  • Authenticity: They utilize an authentic story telling strategy by sourcing real non-professional actors and AT&T subscribers. Rather than having AT&T talk about themselves they allow our generation to speak to us in an effort to create more human interaction that highlights what it is like to live in this position between two very different worlds.
  • Positioning: They hit the nail right on the head with this one by launching their campaign on the digital platforms that we use most.
  • The Four F’s: They take a moment in the video focus on some of what makes up Hispanic culture Familia, Food, Fiestas and Friends.
  • No Selling: Probably the most important of all being that this generation hates being sold to, rather than pushing the functional benefits of service plans and smart phones they focused one the motional benefit, what I believe ultimately drives behavior .

In my opinion as a member of this Hispanic demographic I would have to say I definitely believe the AT&T brand did am astounding job of resonating with my market at its current state and have set the standard for those who wish to compete. That being said, going down the line the challenges I believe this brand might face are with their major competitors like T-Mobile or Verizon who are likely formulating a strategy to gain similar interest from this market.

I absolutely agree that the Business 2 Community article was right by naming AT&T a successful brand with the Hispanic market, but they we’re wrong in their placement. If it were up to me I would have placed that at the top of the list.

At the end of the day, what really set AT&T apart was their ability to realize and focus on what matters, the significance of creating culturally relevant content that ultimately empowers not only Hispanic culture but amplifies the voice of our millennial generation that wants to be heard by all!




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